One Doctor Says Current Rescue Efforts Regarding American Healthcare Must Employ a Philosophy of "Stewardship."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our program today, we're thinking and talking about current efforts in both Congress and the White House to fix the awful mess that is American healthcare. Our guest is Dr. Dale J. Block, a Florida-based physician and healthcare expert whose new book is entitled "Healthcare Stewardship: A Guide to Improving the Health of All Americans." As Dr. Block tells our host Rich Fisher on this edition of StudioTulsa, by "stewardship" he refers to "that ethically driven responsibility to protect and develop one's limited resources." When one applies this notion to our national as well as our local healthcare systems, says Dr. Block --- while paying particular attention to any given patient's quality of life and ability to function --- the need to change our priorities about medical care becomes clear. We need to move, argues our guest, from a "sick-care system" to a "well-care system" --- and in doing so, we must set aside all matters of "politics and profitability."