One Contemporary Artist/Designer and His "Attack on the Front Lawn"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, a very interesting chat with the contemporary artist, architect, and designer Fritz Haeg. Haeg is the author of "Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn," which appeared in a newly revised, second edition earlier this year. This book documents Haeg's fascinating (and ongoing) "edible estates" project, whereby decorative front lawns in cities all over the globe are being converted into functional vegetable gardens. The project began in 2005, in Salina, Kansas --- since then, he's worked on front-lawn garden installations in Los Angeles and London and elsewhere. Haeg's motto, all along, has been, "Don't mow your front lawn --- eat it!" Haeg will be appearing tonight (the 15th) at a "Third Thursday" event at the Philbrook Museum of Art here in Tulsa. This event is free with museum admission, and it begins at 5:30pm. (For more information, please go to