Oklahoma's Multicounty Grand Jury to Reconvene

Aug 20, 2013

Credit File Photo

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma's multicounty grand jury is reconvening to investigate matters of local as well as statewide interest.

The grand jury will reconvene on Tuesday and meet through Thursday at the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office in Oklahoma City.

The multicounty grand jury was requested by Attorney General Scott Pruitt and approved by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in September. It is led by Assistant Attorney General Megan Tilly, chief of the Multicounty Grand Jury Unit.

The state's multicounty grand jury has jurisdiction to investigate criminal matters in all 77 counties. Each month, grand jurors meet to hear testimony for two or three days. The proceedings and matters under investigation are closed to the public.

The 13th Oklahoma multicounty grand jury concluded a year ago with 25 indictments that carried charges against 31 individuals.