Oklahoma's Meth Madness

Oklahoma City, OK – Prescriptions urged for cold medicines

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) A doctor's prescription would be needed for what is currently an over-the-counter cold medication under a proposal by Oklahoma's top drug enforcement officer.

Darrell Weaver, director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, says the proposal is designed to cut down on so-called shake-and-bake methamphetamine labs in Oklahoma.

Weaver urged state lawmakers to make cold medications containing pseudoephedrine, such as Sudafed and Claritin-D, a Schedule II drug that requires a visit to a physician's office and a prescription before it can be purchased.

Weaver aired the proposal before members of the House Judiciary Committee. A Tulsa-area lawmaker who requested the meeting, Rep. Lucky Lamons, says he'll introduce legislation next year to make Weaver's plan state law.

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