An Oklahoman Remembers Hurricane Sandy

Oct 29, 2013

Red Cross volunteer Gretchen Haugh
Credit KWGS News

After Hurricane Sandy slammed the Eastern coast of the U-S one year ago, one of the many relief workers to arrive was Gretchen Haugh, an Eastern Oklahoma Red Cross volunteer. She helped open a shelter on Staten Island, managed a large shelter in Brooklyn, and led the effort in a large warming center near the Brooklyn Bridge. Many victims were residents of Chinatown and did not speak English. She says that was one of the most difficult obstacles she faced, getting translations to ask the most basic questions like where do you live and what’s your name in order to assist the victims.

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, more than 17,000 Red Cross workers…90% of them volunteers from across the country…went to help in the devastated areas.