Oklahoma Woman Heeds Suggestion of Judge to be Sterilized

Feb 8, 2018


Credit File photo

An Oklahoma woman convicted of using a counterfeit check was medically sterilized after she agreed to a suggestion from a judge, who said he would consider it during her sentencing.

The Oklahoman reports that U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot made the suggestion to 34-year-old Summer Thyme Creel in June. In his order the judge noted that Creel had given up her parental rights to six of her seven children. Friot says he can consider anything about Creel's background, character and conduct during sentencing.

However, a prosecutor is requesting that the judge not consider the procedure during sentencing, saying Creel had an interest in the elective sterilization prior to the court order.

Creel pleaded guilty last year to using a counterfeit check at a Walmart in Moore in 2014. Her sentencing is scheduled for this month.