Oklahoma Sees Uptick in Gun Permits in 2013

Jan 20, 2014

Credit File Photo-Glock Talk

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Officials say more than 60,000 handgun permits were issued to Oklahomans last year — more than double the number of licenses issued two years ago.

A report from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says that two-thirds of the licenses went to men, with one-third issued to women. Those in the gun industry say concerns over mass shootings may have contributed to the uptick in licenses.

Also, some say a 2012 Oklahoma law change allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry openly may have played a factor as well.

The Oklahoman reports that OSBI denied licenses to 835 applicants last year, with a prior drug conviction listed as the most common reason for denial.

As of last Friday, more than 190,000 Oklahomans were licensed to carry a handgun.