Oklahoma Republican State Convention Turns Raucous

May 14, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Chairman of Oklahoma's Republican Party says a sergeant at arms and a Cleveland county deputy had to break up an altercation between supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul and likely presidential nominee Mitt Romney yesterday.

Oklahoma's State Republican Party convention turned raucous as a Ron Paul supporter was allegedly struck by a man wearing a Romney campaign sticker during the convention in Norman.

Paul supporter Lukus Collins said Sunday that one person was hit in the head and another in the back during Saturday's meeting.

State GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell says he saw one confrontation that was broken up by the party's sergeant at arms and a Cleveland County deputy.

Collins says party rules were violated by the holding of voice — rather than roll-call — votes for delegates to the GOP national convention. Pinnell says the voice vote was to meet the agenda's predetermined 5 p.m. adjournment on Sunday.