Oklahoma Legislator gets $51K in Workers' Comp Case

Nov 4, 2012

Mike Christian
Credit State of Oklahoma-File Photo

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma legislator has been awarded $51,300 in workers' compensation for injuries sustained in a 2009 accident while driving to the Capitol.

A lawyer for state Representative Mike Christian says he's received the check to compensate Christian for the effects of a traffic crash in 2009.

The Oklahoman reports that the check was cut in October after an insurance company decided not to pursue further appeals.

The Oklahoma City Republican will get $41,040 after attorney fees are deducted.

Christian injured his back and neck when he struck a truck while driving in a personal car the morning February 26th, 2009.

A trial judge in July ruled Christian was due payment even though he was commuting because legislators can get reimbursement for one round trip per week to the Capitol.