Oklahoma Lawmakers Take Up Storms & School

Oct 31, 2013

Credit KWGS News File Photo

An Oklahoma House Interim Committee is focusing on inclement weather and school safety.

Beggs School Superintendent Cindy Swearingen is a FEMA trained expert. She urged lawmakers today not to develop a one-size fits all approach.

CINDY SWEARINGEN: “Not a canned template of a plan, that this is what every school is going to get; everybody get the same thing. Every school is different.”

The issue has been brought to light following last spring’s tornado that hit several Moore schools, killing several teachers and students.

The Oklahoma Climatology Survey’s Doctor Kevin Kloesel says forecasting is still not an exact science.

KEVIN KLOESEL: “We do have a high probability of detection. But, we also have a high false alarm rate. This is a huge, almost embarrassing, struggle for us. The mission of the National Weather Service and anybody who forecasts the weather is to protect lives and property.”

A tornado last May hit several schools in Moore. It killed  seven students. The schools did not have safe rooms.