Oklahoma House Committee OKs Measures Expanding Gun Rights

Feb 16, 2017

Credit Copyright-Glock Talk

  An Oklahoma House committee has given preliminary approval to bills that expand gun rights in Oklahoma.

A measure by Republican Rep. Jeff Coody would allow non-felons to transport an unloaded rifle or shotgun, concealed or unconcealed, in a vehicle at any time. It also allows non-felons who are at least 21 to transport a loaded or unloaded pistol, concealed or unconcealed, without a handgun license.

Coody says the constitutional car-carry measure is similar to measures in 30 other states. Opponents say some law enforcement officers oppose the plan.

A bill by Republican Rep. Bobby Cleveland would allow elected county officials with a handgun license to carry a handgun in their county's courthouse.

The House Public Safety Committee approved the measures Wednesday and sent them to the full House for consideration.