Oklahoma Election Board Hears Candidacy Challenges

Apr 21, 2014

Joe Dorman
Credit Oklahoma House

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A Democrat running for Oklahoma governor is challenging the candidacy of a pro-marijuana independent in the race, claiming the man failed to disclose a guilty plea to a felony crime more than a decade ago.

Democratic state Rep. Joe Dorman of Rush Springs is challenging the candidacy of independent Joe Sills of Oklahoma City. The challenge is one of more than a half-dozen that are scheduled for a hearing Monday before the Oklahoma Election Board, including those against district judges, and a state representative and senator.

Dorman claims the 34-year-old Sills did not disclose on his candidacy form a guilty plea in 2000 to a felony crime of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Sills said last week that he thought the question only applied to embezzlement-related crimes.