The Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice Presents "Helen Suzman: Fighter for Human Rights"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, we speak with Jeff Matthews, Program Director for the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. The OCCJ is presenting a free-to-the-public photography and video exhibit on the life and work of politician Helen Suzman (1917-2009), one of South Africa's most vociferous and energetic opponents of apartheid. "Helen Suzman: Fighter for Human Rights" will be on display through Friday the 14th at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center; thereafter, it will be at The Jewish Federation of Tulsa through the end of this month. (For more information on this show, please go to As Matthews tells us, from the very beginning of her 40-year career, Suzman --- truly an unsung hero --- fought tirelessly against the pernicious system created by apartheid. Also on today's edition of StudioTulsa, we offer commentaries by Connie Cronley ("The Incident") and Jeff Martin ("My Grandmother").