Oklahoma AG Warns of Repair Fraud Following Ice Storm

Apr 12, 2013

Scott Pruitt
Credit State of Oklahoma-File photo

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Attorney General Scott Pruitt is urging Oklahomans to beware of repair fraud scam following an April storm that left parts of the state ice-covered with downed trees and power lines.

Pruitt says repair fraud is common following a major storm. When there is extensive tree damage, Pruitt says Oklahomans may see scams involving clean-up as well as tree trimming and removal.

Pruitt says Oklahomans should be cautious when hiring workers and be sure they are from a reputable company. The attorney general says his public protection unit often has to prosecute dishonest repair services, referred to as travelers, who follow storms looking to make a profit off of other's misfortune.

With the spring storm season just beginning, Pruitt says Oklahomans need to remain vigilant to prevent repair fraud schemes.