Okla. Health Dept. Investigating Rabies Exposure

Jun 19, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Department of Health is investigating whether anyone who handled a rabid puppy that later died was exposed to the disease.

The health agency said Wednesday the Bluetick/Walker Coonhound mix puppy was part of a litter of five or six 10-week-old puppies that were sold on June 9 at the Bivens Dog Trade in Sulphur. The puppies have black, brown and white markings.

Officials say one of the puppies developed symptoms of rabies on June 12 and subsequently died. Laboratory testing by the agency confirmed the presence of rabies.

The agency is looking for the seller of the puppies. Anyone who bought one or may have come in contact with the puppies should contact the Health Department to determine if they were exposed to the rabies virus.