OK Mozart 2010: An Overview of the Upcoming Festival

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, we offer a preview of the upcoming OK Mozart International Festival in Bartlesville, which happens from June 11th through the 19th. As our guest today --- Shane Jewell, the newly appointed executive director of OK Mozart --- tells us, the festival is now in its 26th year, and its core mission of bringing world-class musicians and concert artists to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, continues in full force. Indeed, OK Mozart remains an internationally recognized event like none other in the region. From Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey to Bela Fleck, from the Amici New York Orchestra to Time for Three, and from the Woolaroc Outdoor Concert to the festival's Grande Finale Concert (the theme for which, this year, is the music of George Gershwin) --- there's a lot of great stuff going on up in B'ville in just a couple of weeks.... For a complete calendar of performances scheduled, as well as everything you need to know about tickets and show times and other such matters, please go to okmozart.com.