OHP Makes Good on Tulsa Crackdown Promise

Nov 2, 2013

On Thursday and Friday we reported how the Oklahoma Highway Patrol would be cracking down on DUI and other driving offenses on Tulsa’s Expressway system. The OHP made good on its promise.

The concentrated patrol focused on I-44, I-244, I-444 (Inner Dispersal Loop) and Highways 169 and 75.  Between 7 p.m. last night and 3 a.m. this morning, the OHP made 18-arrests and handed out 31 traffic tickets. The Patrol also gave 52-traffic warnings during the crackdown.

Below is a break down on Highway Patrol  Trooper Activity:

Drug possession- 5

No Insurance-6
No Drivers Licenses or Driving While Suspended- 9
Open Container- 3
Illegal lane use- 9

Traffic violations-52

Motorist assists-8