NPR & Juan Williams

Public Radio Tulsa – To express your views about NPR's handling of Juan Williams' termination, please contact NPR directly. Public Radio Tulsa's KWGS and KWTU are local stations and play no role in NPR's personnel decisions.

It is best to contact NPR directly. Listeners can call NPR's listener service line at 1-202-513-3232, from 9 am to 4 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, or use this contact request form.

If you cannot get through by telephone or if the contact form is busy, Public Radio Tulsa is passing listener feedback along to NPR. E-mails concerning this matter sent to the address found at the bottom of this web page will be forwarded promptly to NPR.

Every listener has the right to express opinions directly to NPR and is encouraged to do so. We ask that you consider the difficult position in which such matters place Public Radio Tulsa as you weigh your responses and reactions. Thank you.