Now at Philbrook, "Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's program, we hear about an exciting new show at the Philbrook Museum of Art here in Tulsa. "Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950" will run through May 9th, and our guest today is the co-curator of this exhibit, Catherine Morris. Morris is also an Adjunct Curator of Contemporary Art at Philbrook. As she tells us, Hofmann (1880-1966) was a German-American abstract expressionist painter who might be as famous for his work as a teacher as for his work as an artist. He was also a person who retained his remarkable creative drive --- always trying (and thinking about) new things, remaining exploratory and open-minded --- well into his seventies and eighties. Philbrook's "Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950" centers upon nine painting-studies that Hofmann produced for a series of murals to be used in architect Josep Lluis Sert's would-be Peruvian city plan of 1950, the Chimbote Project. These studies, collectively as well as separately, speak to Hofmann's formidable strengths as an abstract painter and modernist visionary. They are presented alongside other major works from this important year in Hofmann's career (during which the artist turned 70).