Notes on "Fury" --- A Chat with Koren Zailckas

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On our show today, we offer a conversation with Koren Zailckas, whose first book, "Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood," was a bestselling autobiography a few years ago that attracted lots of media attention while also alerting many readers to the reality of widespread binge drinking among American young women. Now, Zailckas has published a new memoir --- and the subject of this book is anger. At once personal and universal, both fully candid and entirely accessible, "Fury" is an exploration of the unacknowledged rage that has wrought havoc on this author both emotionally and professionally over the years, a rage that might seem at least somewhat familiar to anyone who's ever had to grapple with issues of family, identity, or rejection. "Fury" is also an engaging study of anger as an ongoing cultural / social / psychological phenomenon --- especially anger among women.