Notes on Cracking the "Talent Code." (Encore presentation.)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – (Note: This program originally aired earlier this year.) What is it, exactly, that makes talented people so talented? And is talent innate, or is it something that anyone, with the proper training and practice, can fully achieve? And why do "pools" of talent spring up from time to time? On today's program, we're talking talent with author and journalist Daniel Coyle. He's a contributing editor for Outside magazine, and his previous books include the bestseller "Lance Armstrong's War." Coyle's new book --- just out from Bantam Books, and which first caught our eye when it was recently mentioned by David Brooks in a New York Times op-ed column --- is called "The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How." In this work, Coyle draws upon cutting-edge thought from the worlds of neurology and genetics --- as well as his own widespread research, interviews, and encounters amid nine different "talent pools" across the globe --- to come up with three key elements that will enable anyone to maximize their performance . . . in any given arena, or within any sport, endeavor, or discipline. These three elements, as Coyle explains to our host Rich Fisher, are Deep Practice, Ignition, and Master Coaching.