Noted therapist and bestselling author Mary Pipher, on her new "Seeking Peace" memoir.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak by phone with Mary Pipher, the prolific author and renowned psychotherapist whose 1994 book, "Reviving Ophelia," put her on a path of bestselling stardom. (Several other books followed.) As it turns out, this path became one that Pipher did not want to be on --- indeed, she finally realized she could travel it no longer. Her new book, a memoir called "Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World," tells the story of this realization. In so doing, it tells us the story of Pipher's life thus far. "There are three kinds of secrets," Pipher writes in her new book. "Those we keep from everyone, those we keep from certain people, and those we keep from ourselves. Writing this book forced me to deal with all three." After decades of exploring the lives of others through her writing and therapy --- after decades of giving sound, solid advice --- the author decided, with this book, to shift her attention to herself. As we gather from her chat with our host Rich Fisher, Pipher's is an autobiography of rare candor and insight.