No Water? No Work!

Oklahoma City, OK –
Numerous buildings within the State Capitol Complex will be closed today due to water main breaks in Oklahoma City's water lines resulting in reduced water pressure in the capitol complex, the Director of the Department of Central Services (DCS), John Richard announced. Affected state buildings do not have enough water pressure to operate air cooling systems or restroom facilities. In addition, computer system capabilities of some state agencies are limited due to the extreme heat.

Agency directors may send their employees home at noon today, with the strong recommendation that all non-essential equipment be completely shut down. DCS personnel are attempting to keep temperatures from rising to critical levels so that buildings may be returned to normal working conditions as quickly as possible, once the problem has been fixed. Oklahoma City maintenance staff reports that full water pressure will be restored tonight.
Richard is authorized under Executive Order 97-08 which gives the Director of DCS the authority to close state offices due to unsafe working conditions.

Affected Buildings:
Ag Bldg. & Ag. Lab
Attorney General
Capitol building
Denver Davison
Emergency Ops
Will Rogers
No problems are reported in the Banking building or the DHS/CAP Building