No More Parking Amnesty Periods Planned For Now

Feb 20, 2014

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Tulsa’s amnesty period for parking tickets is over, but speeding tickets could get the same treatment eventually.

City Manager Jim Twombly told the city council budget committee current enforcement efforts are bringing in more than they cost. Councilors asked if bad weather kept people from coming to pay their tickets. Twombly said a three-week amnesty period was enough time and residents got plenty of advanced notice.

"We don't have any plans to have an additional parking ticket amnesty period, but we are considering a moving violation — unpaid moving violations — an amnesty period and follow-up on that," Twombly said.

The amnesty period allowed people to pay just the face value of their tickets. Now, late fees will be added. 

After the amnesty period brought in just half a percent of what Tulsa is owed in back parking tickets, the city is looking for technology that will help catch the worst violators.

Twombly told the city council budget committee today one device will be an automatic license plate reader.

"We also are going to equip the enforcement officers with the e-ticket devices so it will make it easier to ticket — make it faster, more efficient and also assure that what's received over at the courts is legible and can be used," Twombly said. 

Security officers have been booting vehicles they find with more than one outstanding parking ticket since last Monday.