Next Time on ATJ: Jazz Greats with February Birthdays

Feb 14, 2013

Join us for All This Jazz, our weekly, two-hour, indefatigably catchy rundown of modern jazz, both recent and classic, which begins at 10pm Central on Saturday the 16th on Public Radio 89.5-1. (Also, there's a re-airing of our show scheduled for Sunday night, at 7pm, on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our station's all-jazz HD Radio channel.)

For our second-hour theme on the 16th, we'll survey tunes from a wide range of jazz players with February birthdays.

James P. Johnson, Stan Getz, Jutta Hipp, Art Lande, Chick Webb, Harold Land (pictured herewith), Michel Legrand, Dexter Gordon, Willie Bobo, and Richie Cole: these are all outstanding jazz musicians who were born in February. We'll hear music by many of these greats --- and others, too --- on the next installment of our show.

Like every edition of All This Jazz, it'll be a program that covers lots of stylistic ground. Hope you can listen in.