Next Time on All This Jazz --- on the Eve of the Tony Awards --- Show Tunes!

Jun 5, 2014

As Broadway Babies both near and far will heartily attest, the Tony Awards ceremony is scheduled for this Sunday evening, to be televised live on CBS.

Therefore --- with so many standard songs originating in the American musical theater, after all --- we'll present Jazz Greats Doing Show Tunes as the second-hour theme on the next edition of our program, which gets underway on Saturday the 7th at 10pm local time on Public Radio 89.5. (And we'll also convey a corresponding live stream of All This Jazz, per custom, at

Hope you can join us, friends. From the Brothers Gershwin to Frank Loesser, from Lerner and Loewe to Stephen Sondheim, it's sure to be an ever-so-tuneful lark. And the first hour is also likely to delight.

It's all to the good; it all sounds great; it's All This Jazz.

(The fine print: ATJ airs every Saturday night on Public Radio 89.5, from 10pm till midnight. We always thereafter offer a 7pm re-airing of the program on Sunday evening, on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our station's all-jazz HD Radio channel. Each week, we spin modern jazz, both recent and classic --- from Geri Allen to John Zorn, from Louis Armstrong to Joe Zawinul. And the second half of our two-hour program, beginning at 11pm, invariably carries a theme. Also, in case you're a person for whom such things matter: All This Jazz now has a Facebook page.)