On the Next ATJ: A Spotlight on Live Recordings

Nov 30, 2012

Please join us for the next edition of All This Jazz, which begins at 10pm on KWGS 89.5-1 on Saturday the 1st. (And then we'll re-air the program the following night, Sunday the 2nd, on 89.5-2 --- which is our great all-jazz HD Radio channel here at Public Radio Tulsa --- beginning at 7pm.)

Our second-hour theme will be "Live Recordings." It's a theme we like to return to every so often, since jazz is, after all, a form of both art and entertainment that thrives --- indeed, subsists --- on live performance.

From famous clubs to classic "festival" recordings (think: Newport, Rhode Island), we'll offer a series of outstanding "you are there" jazz tracks from the likes of Duke Ellington, John Scofield, Horace Silver, Roger Kellaway, and others.

So, if you're willing and able, please tune in. As always, there's no cover and no minimum.