On the Next All This Jazz: "Live in Boston"

Apr 19, 2013

Please tune in for the forthcoming edition of All This Jazz, which gets underway at 10pm Central on Saturday the 20th here on Public Radio 89.5-1. (We'll also offer, as ever, a re-airing of our program at 7pm on Sunday the 21st on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our all-jazz HD Radio channel.)

All This Jazz spins modern jazz, both recent and classic --- and there's always a "theme" in the second half of our two-hour broadcast.

This week, after an intense if not nightmarish series of tragic events --- beginning, of course, with a pair of explosions at the Boston Marathon --- we'll present "Live in Boston" as our theme. It's meant as a small yet sincere gesture of support and goodwill to the people of the entire Greater Boston region --- and it'll feature terrific music, as recorded in venues throughout Beantown over the decades, by the likes of Jim Hall, Gerry Mulligan, Ray Brown, Billie Holiday, and more.

Join us.