On the Next All This Jazz, Duke Ellington's Tunes (in Honor of His Recent Birthday)

May 1, 2014

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington's birthday arrived earlier this week --- he was born April 29th, 1899, in Washington, DC; he died in 1974.

The other day, in fact on the morning of the 29th, there was a very nice profile on NPR's Morning Edition (as heard on this here radio station) of this truly and majestically great American pianist, composer, bandleader, and musician. More precisely, it was a profile of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, a public high school in the District of Columbia which caters to especially gifted students (and which was established the year Ellington died).

On the next All This Jazz --- beginning at 10pm local time on Saturday the 3rd on Public Radio 89.5 --- Ellington's compositions will be our second-hour theme.

The Duke's reign continues. Hope you can join us.

It's All This Jazz.

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