On the Next All This Jazz --- Drumroll, Please --- It's Jazz Groups Led by Drummers

Apr 12, 2013

Please tune in for the next edition of All This Jazz, which gets underway at 10pm local time on Saturday the 13th on Public Radio 89.5-1.

We'll be listening back to a terrific show that first aired in October of last year --- and that carries an especially toe-tapping second-hour theme: namely, "Jazz Combos Led by Drummers."

Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, Matt Wilson, Art Blakey, and Jack DeJohnette (who's pictured here): we'll hear from bands under the respective direction of all these greats, and a few others as well, on the forthcoming edition of ATJ.

Join us, fellow rhythm buffs! As Duke Ellington used to put it, more or less: it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ride cymbal.

(And keep in mind that you can always get the latest playlist for our program here.)