New Transit Technology for Tulsa

Jan 3, 2013

Credit KWGS News

INCOG is calling for a new image in public transit. The Peoria Study has been working since April of last year, and putting forth ideas for Tulsa. INCOG's James Wagner says the new technology is known as Bus Rapid Transit, and improves the transit without spending millions.

"It's a technology where you take a bus, and sort of make it into a branded service that looks a lot like light-rail. Instead of stopping at every bus stop that's out there, which is every two to three blocks, you narrow down the stops to just specific areas. What that does is speeds up the travel time and makes the service look a lot more like rail service," says Wagner.

Peoria Avenue is their first target because of the residents in the area and access to jobs. Wagner says it covers 20 percent of the jobs in Tulsa, and one out of seven residents. Wagner is also hoping for a new perspective of the transit for Tulsa residents.

"I think people will really start to think about using transit on a regular basis as opposed to just  thinking of it as a mode of last resort," he adds.

The next step for the project is to get funded. Bus Rapid Transit has quickly spread to the Midwest and Southwest.

INCOG is presenting the details of the proposal at 6 pm, January 8th, at the South Brooke Church of Christ near 38th and Peoria.