With a New TPS Bond Issue on the Ballot Soon, Dr. Keith Ballard Makes the Case for Its Passage

May 8, 2013

Voters within the Tulsa Public Schools district will go to the polls on May 14th to vote on a $38 million bond issue devoted to classroom technology as well as safety and security. Looking at facilities across the span of the district, we find that some schools have a student-to-computer ratio of 3:1, while in other schools that ratio is as high as 13:1. This bond will address those disparities, and will also provide funds for sprinkler systems within TPS's oldest schools as well as additional security at various entrances and exits. Our guest today is Dr. Keith Ballard, the TPS Superintendent, who explains the urgency --- in educational as well as technological terms --- of this bond issue. Dr. Ballard also discusses other education-related matters, such as questions surrounding state funding for Oklahoma's public schools, the status quo of Project Schoolhouse one year after its implementation, district-wide consolidation within TPS, and more. (You can learn more about next week's bond issue by visiting these two websites: tulsaschools.org and yesforTPS.com.)