A New Show at Gilcrease: "Emissaries of Peace: The 1762 Cherokee and British Delegations."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today we hear from Dr. Duane King, Executive Director of Gilcrease: The Museum of the Americas. The enormity the Gilcrease collection, with thousands of works of art and many thousands of archival or anthropological artifacts, is such that it is continually spawning new exhibits and research, and this has become all the more so, given the museum's partnership with the University of Tulsa. One such new exhibit is "Emissaries of Peace: The 1762 Cherokee and British Delegations," which just opened over the holiday weekend. This exhibit is related to Dr. King's own particular academic background in Native American history, and so he is able to tell our host Rich Fisher about the show in some detail. (Editor's note: This show is also the basis for an upcoming day-long academic symposium at Gilcrease, to occur on July 11th, that will bring various scholars together to discuss the British and Cherokee views of one other's societies circa 1762.) Dr. King and Fisher also discuss two other shows now on view at Gilcrease: "Thomas Gilcrease and the Making of an American Treasure" and "Art of the Oklahoma State Capitol: The Senate Collection."