New Scandal in Tulsa Public Works

Jul 17, 2013

Credit KWGS News photo

Five City of Tulsa public works employees have been terminated and accused of punching the time clock in their city jobs and then going to another job. Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett says that criminal charges could be coming soon for those caught up in a public works department scandal. 

DEWEY BARTLETT:  The five people, so far involved in this have been terminated. We have given the results of our investigation over to the Tulsa Police Department for additional investigation and possible charges.

Mayor Bartlett says in addition to the terminations, changes have been made in supervisory oversight with in the department. He  says leaders were tipped to the scheme by another employee using a city tip line.

In 2009, current and former employees in the department were indicted by a federal grand jury for accepting kickbacks from contractors.  That happened during Kathy Taylor's term in office.