The New Normal

ON PUBLIC RADIO 89.5 HD1 – Organisms change, and the result is evolution. This hour, Radio Lab tells stories of adaptation...for foxes, a small town in Oregon, and one particular troop of baboons in the Western Serengeti...that may have you thinking differently about war, violence and human nature. Learn More

Radiolab is an experiential investigation that explores themes and ideas through a patchwork of people, sounds, and stories. In each episode, Radiolab experiments with sound and style allowing science to fuse with culture and information to sound like music.

About the Hosts:

Jad Abumrad is the host and producer of Radiolab. Before Radiolab, Jad was an independent reporter, producer and documentary-maker for a variety of local and national programs. He was also a member of the team that launched The Next Big Thing. Jad has written music for films and studied music composition and creative writing at Oberlin College.

Robert Krulwich specializes in making complicated news about anything -- science, economics, politics -- easy to grasp through visual and dramatic analogies. After getting his start reporting on Watergate for the Pacifica network, Robert became an NPR correspondent. From 1978 -1985, if you were listening to NPR, you heard all about business and economics from Robert Krulwich. After that he moved to television, working for CBS, ABC and the PBS programs Frontline and NOVA. He is currently a science correspondent for NPR. Radiolab marked his return to the network.