New Lights Coming On in Tulsa

Tulsa, OK – Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett Jr., AEP-Public Service Company of Oklahoma Vice President of Distribution Operations Steve Baker, and Tulsa Police Captain Jonathan Brooks today announced a project for installation of 53 new streetlights in neighborhoods. A list of locations where the lights will be installed is attached to this email.

The "Lights On!" initiative was a product from a citywide citizen survey calling for more streetlights to increase neighborhood safety throughout Tulsa. Both the Tulsa Police Department and citizens made recommendations for specific locations where the lights will be installed.

"Citizens told us through the survey that more lights in neighborhoods would make them feel safer at night," said Mayor Bartlett. "We are responding to citizens' concerns in the survey by making those our top priorities."

Cooperation between the City of Tulsa and AEP-PSO has made adding these lights possible. PSO will cover the cost of installing the lights, including labor and equipment such as poles, post arms and bulbs. PSO also will maintain and repair the lights when needed. The City of Tulsa will pay the electricity to keep the lights on - only about $2,735 per year.

These are high pressure sodium lights: 21 of them will be 100 watts each, and 32 of them will be 200 watts each. Installation will take between three and four months.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bartlett started a Lights On! committee composed of representatives from the Mayor's Office, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Tulsa Police Department and City of Tulsa Traffic Engineering to create a work plan for more street lighting in neighborhoods