New IT Director

Oklahoma City, OK – Henry names Pettit to technology post

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Gov. Brad Henry has named Alex Pettit as Oklahoma's first chief information officer.

Henry announced the appointment on Friday. He says Pettit, a technology consultant in Denton, Texas, and a project manager for Brown University, will begin his duties on April 5.

A law passed by the Legislature last year authorized the governor to appoint a chief information officer to oversee state computer information and technology operations.

Henry says Pettit has information systems experience in both the public and private sectors and believes he is best suited to take on the job. Pettit will be paid $160,000 a year.

Pettit served as chief technology officer for the city of Denton for 10 years. He is working on a doctorate degree in information sciences at the University of North Texas.

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