New Anti-Bullying Law Take Effect Friday

Oct 28, 2013

Starting on Friday, parents will be notified about incidents of bullying at school. That is when a new state law goes into effect. Among other things, it requires schools to put together tough anti-bullying policies.

Tulsa State Representative Kevin Mathews wants to see more training.

KEVIN MATHEWS:  "Teachers need to be trained. Counselors need to be trained. Young people need to be trained. We have great young people in society, but their gifts do not come forward when they are bullied."

Mathews says the bullying doesn’t stop with the end of school bell. Now with on-line and social media, the taunts are often non-stop.

KEVIN MATHEWS: "Almost half of the kids in school are being bullied today, on line. We have social media today and the bullying is resulting in lower self-esteem."