New Administrative Employees At City Hall

Tulsa, OK – - Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced today that former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma, David O'Meilia, will fill the role as City Attorney effective January 3, 2012.

O'Meilia leaves his role as a Partner at Richards & Connor, PLLP, a local law firm in Tulsa. O'Meilia joined Richards & Connor, PLLP in 2009 after serving over seven years in the Presidentially-appointed U.S. Attorney position.

"Mr. O'Meilia has the breadth of experience needed to handle issues at the municipal level, as well as in the federal courts. We gratefully welcome him to the City Attorney post," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said. "With his extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation, government investigations, 33 years of trial law experience, Mr. O'Meilia will bring a wealth of knowledge into this vital role for the city of Tulsa."

O'Meilia received his undergraduate degree in Pre-Law from Oklahoma State University in 1973 and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa in 1976. Prior to his tenure as the United States Attorney, Mr. O'Meilia has served in many posts including: Assistant Public Defender, Assistant District Attorney, and an Assistant United States Attorney, including service as Senior Litigation Counsel for the United States Attorney's Office. O'Meilia has also been a partner in three separate private practice law firms.

''I look forward to working for the citizens of Tulsa and with the excellent legal staff at the City of Tulsa," David O'Meilia said. "I have been away from the government sector for a few years practicing civil and criminal litigation and I am looking forward to returning to public service."

The City Attorney position is civil service with a salary of $164,921.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett is also transitioning Jarred Brejcha, the City's Director of Intergovernmental and Enterprise Development to the Chief of Staff position.

Prior to joining the City of Tulsa, Brejcha served as Communications Director and Leadership Assistant with Senator Brian Bingman, President Pro Tempore with the Oklahoma Senate. Brejcha has over seven years of experience in public relations and political and policy work in both the public and private sectors.

"When Mr. Brejcha first started working for the City of Tulsa, he came in ready to work with our staff and has proven to be a team member who understands the policies, procedures and layout of the City of Tulsa," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said.

In this role, Brejcha will advise the Mayor on policy issues, administer mayoral initiatives and continue to serve as liaison to various boards and entities on behalf of the Mayor. Brejcha will also continue the responsibilities from the Director of Intergovernmental and Enterprise Development position. Mayor Bartlett will not seek a replacement for the Director of Intergovernmental and Enterprise Development position.

Brejcha has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Tulsa and his salary will remain the same.