Muskogee Fish Kill

Muskogee, OK – Hundreds of fish killed in pond at Okla. park

MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) Hundreds of fish have been found dead at a large pond in a Muskogee park.

Crews were out trying to clean up fish carcasses that littered the water on the west end of Honor Heights Park on Wednesday.

Parks Superintendent Rick Ewing told the Muskogee Phoenix that the kill appears to have affected bait fish, and that bass, catfish and perch were spared. Most of the fish killed were shad.

Experts blame low levels of dissolved oxygen for the fish deaths, so park employees laid a water line from a fire hydrant to infuse the pond with fresh water.

Ewing says game fish tend to stay in deeper water, where dissolved oxygen levels are higher and temperatures are cooler. Shad tend to stay in shallower water.


Information from: Muskogee Phoenix,

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