Mowing Volunteers

Tulsa, OK – Mayor Dewey Bartlett sent letters this week to neighborhood leaders and Tulsa churches soliciting volunteers to help with mowing, graffiti removal and other work on public properties.

Mowing in rights-of-way and city properties, removing graffiti from both public and private properties, trash clean-up along streets or in parks and sprucing up City cemeteries are among the jobs that can be done by volunteers.

The City's Public Works and Working In Neighborhoods Departments are working together to coordinate volunteer efforts. The Mayor's Action Center (596-2100) will take volunteers' information and direct them to the appropriate person in each department.

Public Works compiled a list of work which can be done by volunteers. Volunteer groups can also suggest their own tasks if they identify a need in their own neighborhoods. Public Works' list includes other tasks besides mowing and clean-up. Painting of athletic facilies or other park furnishings, cleaning and weeding flower beds on landscaped rights of way and in parks and straightening gravestones in cemeteries are among those tasks which volunteers can perform.