Mom Admits to Murder

Tulsa, Ok – On 09/27/09, officers responded to 6907 S. Trenton Avenue #804, to investigate the death of a small child. Kai'den Terry, male, 7 weeks old, DOB 08/09/09, was found unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the scene. Kai'den's mother, Dominique Lee, 18 yoa, originally told detectives that she did not know what happened to Kai'den, but did admit to co-sleeping with Kai'den. Kai'den had small minor bruising on his lower legs near the ankles, but otherwise did not have any obvious external injuries to suggest a cause of death.

An autopsy by the Medical Examiner revealed a bruise on the left side of the head with 2 subdural hemorrhages.

Child Crisis Detectives re-interviewed Dominique Lee on 12/08/09 while she was in custody on unrelated robbery charges. Dominique admitted that on the night of Kai'den's death she was upset due to a lengthy text message argument with Kai'den's biological father. Dominique admitted that she grabbed Kai'den by the ankles, pulled him off the end of the bed, and threw him head first onto the floor. Dominique told detectives that Kai'den then stopped breathing. Homicide charges are pending for Dominique Lee relating to Kai'den's death.
Kai'den Terry's death is classified as the 67th Homicide of the year.

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