Mohawk Plane Crash: Preliminary Report

Tulsa, OK – TULSA, Okla. (AP) The National Transportation Safety Board says a plane that crashed in Tulsa earlier this month and killed three businessmen ran out of fuel.

The crash on July 10 in Mohawk Park killed 51-year-old pilot Chase Bales and two passengers 37-year-old Damian Riddoch and 41-year-old Mats Malmberg.

A preliminary report issued Tuesday by the NTSB says the plane was to land at Jones Airport but Bales asked to land at Tulsa International Airport as he approached the city. The report says that three minutes after being cleared to land at the Tulsa airport Bales radioed "Tulsa, we've exhausted our fuel."

The plane crashed one minute later.

The three men were returning from a business trip in the Detroit area.