Million Miles Hits Milestone

Tulsa, OK – Tulsans have made getting into shape look easy as they have surpassed the 600,000 mile mark on their way to one million miles.

Since its beginning last October, the movement has successfully gained nearly 2,200 active members and averages approximately 274 miles per participant.

"I am very impressed by the effort and drive that the citizens of Tulsa are showing through Tulsa Million Miles," said Mayor Kathy Taylor. "The program is really gaining momentum and we have a great shot at hitting the million-mile mark in a year. Keep it up Tulsa, you're doing great!"

Members of can log on and input their own daily exercise miles from running, walking, swimming, and cycling. Tulsans who are not registered can easily be a part of a better tomorrow by going to the Web site and setting up an account. Other features on the Web site include a listing of local events, races, and marathons that can be an exciting way for people to come together and get some good exercise. Plus, members can find trail maps, park information, activity guides, great resources, and more!