Mental Heath Symposium Begins

Sep 18, 2012

Tulsa welcomes mental health professionals from across the country for the National Zarrow Mental Health Symposium, Wednesday through Friday at the Tulsa Convention Center. Tulsa’s Mental Heath Association’s Mike Brose says this year, the symposium also serves as Mental Health America’s Annual Conference.

“There’s a lot of really interesting creative ideas coming right out of the heartland, and right out of Tulsa, Oklahoma,” he said. “We thought it was time to show off our city and our state and show what we’re doing, and learn from others."

The focus this year is housing.

“Really all the research now shows, it starts with housing,” Brose said. “They need to feel safe. They need to feel secure.”

You can register on site at the Convention Center. All are welcome to attend. 

The conference will kick off with the dedication of a Habitat for Humanity house for a local family affected by mental illness. That will be at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at 2215 N. Norfolk Avenue.