Meeting Set for Wednesday

Oklahoma City, OK – Still no endorsement for Fallin after GOP primary

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Nearly a week after U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin fended off a tough primary challenge from tea party-backed conservative state Sen. Randy Brogdon, Fallin still hasn't received an endorsement from her challenger.

Although Brogdon couldn't be reached for comment Monday, signs point to a likely endorsement.

He and Fallin are scheduled to meet Wednesday at her Oklahoma City headquarters and hold a joint press conference afterward.

Fallin would only say Monday that "things look good."

Brogdon embraced the tea party movement in Oklahoma and surprised many analysts by capturing nearly 40 percent of the vote in last Tuesday's GOP primary against Fallin.

Fallin says her message of smaller government and lower taxes resonates with tea party activists and Brogdon supporters.