Meeting Addresses Crime and Poverty Pockets in Tulsa.

Jan 29, 2013

Fairmont Terrace near 61st and South Peoria
Credit Google Street View

A Tulsa Town Hall Forum discusses the problems with pockets of crime and poverty in city. It follows the murders of four women in the high crime area around 61st and South Peoria. The murders happened earlier this month at a Section 8 housing complex Fairmont Terrace.

Mayor Bartlett called for more regulation of housing projects in Tulsa. He would like to see special city licenses for such projects. He says however, regulations alone will not improve the situation. He says there must be “buy In” from the residents.

Also on the program was Deputy Police Chief Dennis Larsen. He says good progress is being made in solving the crime and charges could be filed soon.  

The program was recorded for played-back on the city’s T-Gov channel as well as the Tulsa Community College channel.

The program was moderated by KWGS’ Morning Edition Anchor John Durkee.