Meet a Tulsa Monkees Fan; Just Ahead of a Weekend Concert

Jul 31, 2013

Just some of Mona Meacham's Monkee Memorabilia
Credit Mona Meacham

Ask any woman of a certain age who was her favorite…and you will get one of four names: Mickey, Peter, Michael, or Davy.

The Monkees were originally an NBC TV show about an imaginary band that wanted to be like the Beatles, but just couldn’t find success. That premise did not last long. The TV Monkees became a huge success with scores of fans. One of the biggest is right here in Tulsa, Mona Meacham.

“I’ve been from coast to coast, east to west, north to south. We’ve seen them in Minnesota, California, Texas, Virginia, and every point in between. I think total now, we’ve probably seen them as a group of 10 times, and then as individuals I’ve seen Davy twice, and Peter probably 12 times.”

It has been 50 years since the group was formed. One member, Davy Jones, died last year. But the other three will be in Tulsa this weekend at the Brady Theatre. Meacham already has her seats.

“Eighth row, unless when the box office opens, I can trade closer.”

Now early in the TV series, the Monkees were primarily actors with others providing the music. That would change over time and they started performing themselves. For Meacham, it is a link to a more innocent time of youth.

“Well, at first it was just, when it first started with the first reunion, I don’t know, it was just bringing back, you know, a childhood past, and it was fun. But then it just got to be where it seemed like every show I saw, they put so much into it, and it was so much of a family, and I just keep going. And they’ve never let me down.”

She has met the band members and even shared a meal with the late Davy Jones at the Tulsa Fair grounds. In her home, she has much Monkee Memorabilia.

“I have the Monkee Mobile; I have a copy of Davy’s tambourine, a copy of Mike’s hat, lots and lots and lots of framed pictures, a guitar; just about everything you can think of, buttons.”

She does shy away from being called their greatest fan.

“Oh, well I used to think so! Until I went to a convention in Davey’s memory in March of this year, and there were people there from Japan and Australia. So, I guess I’m not as dedicated as some of those fans.”

The absence of Davy Jones makes the concerts a little different now. But, for the first time, Michael Nesmith is back performing with the others.

“They didn’t try to replace Davey; they just still include him in different ways. So, it’s a good thing. It’s really nice to see Mike again, after all these years. You forget how much you loved his part of the music until you hear it again.”

Does she feel silly being a grandma-aged groupie? No, not at all! She says her kids love the music, and when she does become a grandmother –

“Hopefully my grandkids will enjoy it as much as I do.”