Meet Rivka Galchen, Author of the Acclaimed Debut Novel, "Atmospheric Disturbances."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak with author Rivka Galchen, whose first novel, "Atmospheric Disturbances," was among the most celebrated works of American fiction to appear last year. The book is now out in paperback from Picador, and Ms. Galchen will be on hand for a Book Smart Tulsa-hosted reading-and-signing event tonight (July 14th) at the Philbrook Museum of Art. As Ms. Galchen tells our host Rich Fisher on today's program, she grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, where her parents worked in the meteorology department at OU. Indeed, her debut novel (as its title suggests) has much to do with matters of the weather --- and other key topics include doppelgangers, fakery, questions of individual identity and marital affection, and quantum physics. Ms. Galchen's work has already been compared to that of Kafka and Pynchon, and her appearance at Philbrook tonight begins at 7pm. (For more information, visit