Meet Dr. Dan Shapiro --- A Physician Who's Been on "Both Sides of the Bed"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, an engaging chat by phone with Dan Shapiro, Ph.D., who's both a Professor and the Chair of the Humanities Department at the Penn State College of Medicine. Dr. Shapiro has written two books --- the first, "Mom's Marijuana," concerns his experiences as a cancer survivor; the second, "Delivering Doctor Amelia," focuses on his psychological treatment of a fellow physician. (Both books are widely read and studied in medical schools nationwide.) Dr. Shapiro will be a keynote speaker at "Celebrating the Art of Healing," a free-to-the-public symposium happening here in Tulsa on Saturday the 10th. This day-long symposium is open to all cancer survivors, their families and friends, and all healthcare providers. It happens at the Monte Cassino School's Performing Arts Center, near 21st and Lewis, beginning at 9am (with registration to start at 8:15am). For more information, call the St. John PulseLine at 918-744-0123 --- and for about Dr. Dan Shapiro, you can visit Also on StudioTulsa today, now that the professional baseball season has --- at long last --- finally returned, our commentator Rich Kenney is remembering his boyhood baseball experiences of fifty years ago.